[time-nuts] PLL/GPSDO/etc learning resources for mere mortals

Forrest Christian (List Account) lists at packetflux.com
Sun Sep 2 19:46:12 EDT 2018

I'm trying to fill in some gaps in my knowledge about PLL's, GPSDO's, etc.,
with the goal to eventually implement some of these either in a
microcontroller or fpga or some combination thereof.

My problem is that the resources I've found either are very basic -
oriented toward just the high level understanding of what these are and the
basics of how they work (what I already know), OR are very math dense and
impenetrable to mere mortals - essentially oriented toward people who
already know what they're doing and who have the magic decoder ring as to
what the formulas are used for.

I'm hoping to find something which will help me bridge the gap.   Any ideas
where I should look?

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