[time-nuts] FTDI UT232R-200 USB to Serial Converter (BARGAIN ALERT)

David Van Horn david.vanhorn at backcountryaccess.com
Wed Sep 5 13:50:24 EDT 2018

Edgeports are wonderful boxes if you buy them on Ebay etc. 
I can usually grab an 8 port box for $50.
They just work.
VERY configurable.

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I am constantly amazed by owners of Laptops and Desktop computers, without RS-232 serial ports, that do not own a high quality (well supported) USB-RS232 converter cable.
I have posted this “good opportunity” for acquiring the FTDI UT232R-200 cable, on other amateur radio forums.  eBay Bargain Price: $10.00 and FREE Shipping.

eBay seller: geekfurb (Beltsville, MD)
eBay auction #232729231633
1.) Yes, I purchased two (2) of these FTDI cables from this eBay seller (weeks ago).
127 cables have been sold on eBay since early summer.
2.) Yes, they are genuine FTDI.  Factory sealed in FTDI labeled anti-static bags.  
I used FTDI’s FT-PROG EEPROM Tool to examine these cables.  Unique serial number on each cable.
3.) My desktop computers use MS Win10 Pro x64 : ALL Automatically detect the converter cable as FTDI, install VCP drivers, and assign unique COMx.  
NO driver CD’s or hunting for Chinese clone cable drivers.
4.) Since the FTDI cables have unique Serial numbers, Win10 OS remembers the COMx assignment (VCP assignments) for that specific cable.  Tested this with two (2) cables received.  This can be changed in Windows’ Device Manager.
5.) I use FTDI cables because this UK company worked with Microsoft and Linux, when USB started 20+ years ago.  FTDI drivers support the widest number of computer OS.

FTDI UT232R-200 (scroll down page for UT232R-200) http://www.ftdichip.com/Products/Cables/USBRS232.htm

FTDI UT232R-200 Datasheet

Digi-Key ($30.00 each)

Greg, w9gb
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