[time-nuts] wwvb antenna transmission Well harder then I might think.

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 19:11:58 EDT 2018

Working on the wwvb simulator and it works really well. On to the last
piece. Transmission over maybe 30 ft.
Ever notice everyone that makes a simulator has the clock on top?
Well thats because its pretty hard to get a 60 KHz signal actually out.
Even though I know loopsticks are not great transmit antennas that was the
first attempt. Hey what they say is true, Bad.
Next will be the loose wire over the distance. More likely a spare phone
wire pair that runs all over the house.
Just some humor.
I have found a ton of online articles on vlf antennas and such. Heck seems
like its time to read them.

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