[time-nuts] Loran-C Simulation

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 14:27:26 EDT 2018

Nigel I am still here and agree the SXB is long gone. But I shared the code
and it was in basic.
An arduino with higher speed will do a fantastic job of replacing that very
simple code. It is indeed simple.
I have no plan to do that conversion but maybe I will some day.
The real trick was the timing chain that offloaded the control proc.
I do imagine that all of that can be done in one arduino.
I just picked up 3 of the stm32 units for $0 pretty much and they run at 75
The SXB was 8 bit so it was a bit messy with some of the counts and such
that were needed.
Hope that inspires you or anyone else that wants to take a run at it.
It does work and runs my LORAN C stuff just fine.
Lucky you to have at least one site running.

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> Although eLoran is still being transmitted from Anthorn in the UK,
> simultaneously as master and secondary after the Lessay master closed down,
> it seems to have more of an experimental rather than "official" status
> these days and with no guarantees as to future availability.
> Without wanting to invite too much further discussion as to the viability
> of Loran vs GPS I would like to be able to keep my Austron and SRS Loran
> kit up and running, and referenced to GPS if possible, if, or when, the
> Anthorn service is withdrawn.
> Paul Swedberg's 2009 design for a Loran-C simulator looks to be ideal for
> this but the Ubicom SX B microprocessor seems to have long been unobtanium,
> so just wondering if Paul, or anyone else perhaps, has ported this to a
> currently available device or whether there are any other DIY designs
> available?
> Nigel GM8PZR
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