[time-nuts] Free Stuff

Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 16 16:18:17 EDT 2018


    There were no takers on helping me sort through stuff I'd like 
to give away so I've begun the task myself. so far I've given away some
SX28AC IC's and an SX-Key programmer.

    I have 8 distribution boards to pass on.

Link to Pictures of Items:

Item1: A SpectraDynamics 5,10 MHz Distribution Amplifier Model 
HPCA-10 - for those who like transistors in their dist. amps.

Item2: A 1:15 sine wave distribution amplifier. Very (very) similar 
to a Symmetricom 4036.

Item3: A 1:8 sine wave distribution amplifier - part of a 2 input 
fault switch.

Item4: A 1:9 pulse distribution amplifier. Outputs 5V into 50 ohms. 
Not super low skew.

Item5: A multi distribution amplifier 1:4 sine, 1:4 pulse, 1:4 IRIG. 
Was part of an NTP Server.  I have three of these to give away.

Item6: Time Code Translator Main Board from NASA Deep Space Upgrade.
Has a 100MHz PECL oscillator with distribution. I believe it will 
lock to a 100MHz Fiber Optic signal in case someone wants to 
experiment with FO distribution.

All the items work except for Item6 which I can't test. I can help 
you get them powered up integrated into your timing systems.

If multiple people want the same item, the one who best convinces me 
they will incorporate it into their setup gets it for the cost of 

To save the moderator angst, please contact me off-list.


Bob Martin

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