[time-nuts] Free Stuff Second Batch

Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 17 19:52:29 EDT 2018


   I've unloaded some items and have a few more to through into the

Link to Pictures of Items:


Item 4: A 1:9 pulse distribution amplifier. Outputs 5V into 50 ohms. 
Not super low skew but certainly fine for most PPS distribution.
I'm really surprised no one wanted this since some much conversation 
is about PPS.

Item 5: A multi distribution amplifier 1:4 sine, 1:4 pulse, 1:4 
IRIG. Was part of an NTP Server.  I have two of these left (out of 
three) to give away.

Item 6: Time Code Translator Main Board from NASA Deep Space Upgrade.
Has a 100MHz PECL oscillator with distribution. I believe it will 
lock to a 100MHz Fiber Optic signal in case someone wants to 
experiment with FO distribution.

Item 7 A 1:6  RF distribution amplifier built for USNO.

Item 8 Parts from a TSC5110 Time Interval Analyzer. The top item is 
a dual Zero Crossing Detector Assembly. The lower item is an 
interface board. One of you may have this unit which is discontinued 
so the spares are yours if you want them.

Item 9 An interesting part for those of you who are "connected". 
They are Lantronix XPort Ethernet to RS232 converters. As you can 
see there are four to give away.

Item 10 These are  intermediate bus converters. +-12 and +5 out. 24V
in. About 100W each. May be useful to someone. I have three of them.
These aren't tested but should work. The heat sinks at the bottom 
are "oring" diodes.

Item 11 These are digital delay lines controlled by DIP switches. 
The delay line is a Maxim DS1023-100.  Max delay is 250ns. There
are two of them.

Item 12 A transformer isolator for rf signals.

If multiple people want the same item, the one who best convinces me 
they will incorporate it into their setup gets it for the cost of 

To save the moderator angst, please contact me off-list.


Bob Martin

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