[time-nuts] 8 kHz problem in Wavetek/Rockland 5135A synthesizer

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Tue Sep 18 17:28:11 EDT 2018

So anyway, does anyone know of more info on the 5135A, or of how theguts may have been implemented in detail? Is there a repository of info on various synthesizers here somewhere? 
I thought I had seen in the past some listings, comparisons, and maybe documents about them here, but nothing popped up in my recent searching.


Hi Ed,

I have never had any experience of the 5135A so unfortunately can't be of any direct assistance, but I have previously uploaded copies of some PTS manuals to Mediafire.

There's a single file that contains the manuals for the PTS-X10, PTS-160, PTS -250, PTS-310, PTS-500, and PTS-3200, 

this is at...


Similarly I've just uploaded a file containing the manuals for the Rockland 5600 and Wavetek 5120A, and included in this file is also a copy of some notes I made regarding similarities of the modules in the PTS-160, Rockland 5600 and Wavetek 5120A, all of these seem to be derivatives of the original Rockland design........


I don't know if any of this will help with your immediate problem but that's possibly most, if not all, of what's publicly available.
I have seen other comments and web pages on the PTS kit but generally these seem to be to do with programming the BCD interface.

Nigel, GM8PZR

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