[time-nuts] Administration: list archives weirdness

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed Sep 19 15:52:50 EDT 2018

I wanted to let you know about an issue I'm seeing with Google indexing 
of the time-nuts archive.

If you've ever looked at the URL for an archived message, after the list 
name the format is something like "2017-March/086720.html".  The number 
is sequential starting with 000000 in August, 2004.

The numbers match in both the new archive at 
lists.febo.com:/pipermail/time-nuts_lists.febo.com and the frozen mirror 
I keep of the pre-move messages at febo.com/pipermail/time-nuts.

However many (most? all?) of the Google search hits are still on the old 
archive and have somehow gotten different message numbers, incremented 
by some variable amount from the proper number.  That causes the Google 
link to fail.

I have no idea why this happened, or if there is any way to correct it. 
I am using the tricks I can to get Google to index the new archives. 
But in the meantime, we'll have to deal with this error.

If anyone who understands Mailman archiving and Google indexing has a 
clue about this, I would appreciate hearing it!


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