[time-nuts] Third Batch to Give Away

Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Fri Sep 21 15:53:33 EDT 2018


    I have a few more things to unload:

Link here:


Item 5: I still have one left of item 5. This was part of a SASSM 
unit that provided 10MHz sine and Square wave, IRIG, and PPS.

Item 10: Got rid of one, have three left. These boards powered a TSC
hot-swap chassis. The input was 24V from AC and batteries. Each 
board has three converters providing +-12V and +5V. I believe they 
were 100 W each.

Item 13: A GPS antenna AeroAntenna AT2775-42SYO-TNCF-00-RG-41-NM.
Datasheet is part of link. This is a 5-18V unit. Not tested by me
but looks new.

Item 14: Two Novatel GPS receivers. SSII-5-ICPT-19. I have no idea 
if these old timing receivers are of interest to anyone.

If multiple people want the same item, the one who best convinces me 
they will incorporate it into their setup gets it for the cost of 

To save the moderator angst, please contact me off-list.


Bob Martin

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