[time-nuts] Fourth Batch to Give Away

Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 23 15:36:30 EDT 2018


     This is the last batch of hardware excluding oscillators.

Link to pictures of boards here:

Item 7: Found one more 1x6 RF Distribution amplifier. Used to send
5 or 10MHz around and about. Will deliver 1VRMS into 50 ohms with
Zout = 50 ohms.

Item 10: Last chance at these supplies. Have three left. These 
boards powered a TSC hot-swap chassis. The input was 24V from AC and 
batteries. Each board has three converters providing +-12V and +5V. 
I believe they were 100 W each.

Item 15: A PPS splitter. 3V into 50ohms back terminated. 50 ohm TTL
level input.

Item 16: 5MHz sine  to 10MHz sine mixer based doubler. Two sine 
outputs, has low Q toroid band pass and 2 notch filters at 5 and 
20MHz. Need spectrum analyzer to tune filters.

Item 17 I have three of these analog mixer boards. Buffered inputs 
to mixer and integrator to tune an oscillator. Oscillator footprint 
is for Morion MV200. Nice for locking A to B. There are 2 buffered 

Item 18: Dual low phase noise iso amp 50ohm out will do 1VRMS into
50 ohms.
Prefer that it goes to someone who can measure phase noise below 
-170. I'd like to know it's measured phase noise.

Item 19: 1x2 low phase noise iso amp. I have three of these boards.
Two buffered outputs, 50 ohm out will do 1VRMS into 50 ohms.
Prefer that they go to those who can measure phase noise below -170. 
I'd like to know the measured phase noise.

If multiple people want the same item, the one who best convinces me 
they will incorporate it into their setup gets it for the cost of 

To save the moderator angst, please contact me off-list.


Bob Martin

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