[time-nuts] Looking for Motorola VP Oncore for HP 58503a

Mike Cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Thu Sep 27 02:52:36 EDT 2018


 If no one on the list has a spare one, you might try calling synergy systems as you are in the US. They have adapter boards built for the M12 receiver which have a VP footprint and if the doc is correct can be configured as 6/8 chan VPs.  The M12 can  be found at reasonable prices on eBay.
See: <http://www.synergy-gps.com/images/stories/pdf/m12_adapter_tn487%20070209.pdf>

They also have a LEA-6T board in M12 card format which can be used with that adaptor board. You would of course need to check the headroom needed for the receiver + adaptor. 
See : <http://www.synergy-gps.com/images/stories/pdf/ssr-6t%20tn%20493-c.pdf>

> Le 27 sept. 2018 à 06:03, Matthew D'Asaro <medasaro at mit.edu> a écrit :
> Hi,
>    I just subscribed to this list but I have been interested in time standards for some years and have been reading the archives. My specific interest is in an accurate frequency standard for my home lab so that I can do my own "calibrations" of the ovenized timebases used in oscilloscopes, counters, synthesized generators and the like. I had originally thought it would be really cool to own my own primary standard and have been trolling eBay for some time looking for an HP 5061A, but I never really wanted to spend the big $$$$ or gamble on a unit in unknown condition having a good tube so I sat on the idea for a number of years. However, I have recently started working on a project where I really need an accurate frequency reference and after researching GPSDOs I decided that is the way I would go.
> Last month I bought on eBay a used HP 58503a and matching antenna. Unfortunatly, the system would not work (the HP wouldn't even finish booting) and when I opened it up I found that the GPS board is completely missing. After reading a bunch of back posts from this group, it appears that what I need is a Motorola VP Oncore board and that other versions (such as the UT+) will NOT work. Unfortunatly, I don't see any VP Oncore boards for sale on eBay or elsewhere. This leads me to my questions. First, am I correct that I can't use any Oncore version except the VP in my 58503a and second, does anyone know of a source for an Oncore VP?
  I am pretty sure that you need a VP. I have a Z3801A which is much the same as the 58503A IIRC. I have tried GT+, UT+ in that but they don’t work.

> Thanks in advance,
> Matthew D'Asaro
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