[time-nuts] XKCD on time :)

Wes wes at triconet.org
Fri Sep 28 15:32:09 EDT 2018

Don't expect a donation, but I'll vote for you.

Here in the State of Arizona, except for one Indian reservation and a Mormon 
community that straddle state boundaries, we don't mess with our clocks.  I like 
to think that we are smart enough to know that you can't actually "save" 
daylight by adjusting a clock.  Of course the rest of the country believes 
otherwise, and is so parochial in belief as to continuing to use for example, 
"EST" when they actually mean, "EDT."

Hence, it is not uncommon to miss TV shows, podcasts, etc when they are 
advertised as being presented at XX EST.  For you hams, I had a go round with 
ARRL for a couple of years because an organization that promotes 
"communication", refused to publish Field Day schedules that included GMT (UTC). 
The guy in charge gave me so much grief I took ARRL out of my estate plan and 
let management know it.  Then they added UTC.

Wes Stewart  N7WS

On 9/28/2018 8:36 AM, David Van Horn wrote:
> When I am global dictator, we will all run on GMT and all time zones, summer time, DST and similar nonsense will be abolished.
> I am accepting campaign donations!  😊

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