[time-nuts] Re: 10811 serial numbers

Javier javier at nebulosa.org
Wed Jun 1 11:08:36 EDT 2005

I've a 10811A with s/n A00591, no prefix, also a A01096, no prefix, and 
the label in both units is an original HP one, looking the same as the 
labels I've on some 10544As with 1436A prefix. So I think that 10811A 
oscillators with no prefix on the serial number are not so strange.


Javier, EA1CRB

lberto di Bene wrote:

>   Dave Carlson wrote:
>I can't say where that strange "A03912" number came from, except that it may
>have been a separate asset number added to that oscillator by the previous
>owner or that as a result of a previous repair a new label was generated as
>a replacement and the prefix was not considered relevant.
>   Dave,
>     thanks for your clarification. Looking at the unit, it seems to me
>   that the label with the S/N is the original
>   one placed on the OCXO by the manufatcturer, but of course I could be
>   wrong. This is a photo of the
>   oven oscillator in question.
>   73  Alberto  I2PHD
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