[time-nuts] Typical EFC frequency response (bandwidth) of a OCXO

Magnus Danielson cfmd at bredband.net
Sat Dec 16 11:35:57 EST 2006


If you can't find it explicitly I strongly recommend you to measure it. What
Poul-Henning suggested is about right, however you would like to have a FM
detector (not AM or PM) of sufficient bandwidth. A frequency sweep through
that should work well and display the amplitude responce vs frequency for the
EFC input.

An alternative approach to a FM receiver is to generate the same frequency the
oscillator is giving and then mix them together. This gives you the PM (make
sure they are at or near beating). A simple diffrentiator circuit will allow
you to monitor the frequency modulation rather than phase modulation.

For a 100 MHz oscillator, and for expected audio frequency modulation cut-off
a standard FM radio might actually be all that you need.

You can use a spectrum analyzer if you have one around.

The methods really depends on what tools you have at hand.


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