[time-nuts] leapsecond on longwave on the web

Pieter-Tjerk de Boer ptdeboer at cs.utwente.nl
Mon Jan 2 16:54:03 EST 2006


A few hours after the leapsecond I made a preliminary waterfall display
of MSF, HBG and DCF77 available.
Meanwhile I have made a "real" webpage out of this, with some more
pictures and explanations:

Interestingly, it seems that (at least?) three things went wrong:

- HBG seems to have completely missed the leapsecond, inserting it
  somewhere during the next 10 minutes.
  (I originally misinterpreted the triple carrier-interruption as
  a special leap-second mark, but according to the documentation this
  is actually their top-of-the-hour mark.)

- Since the leap second, MSF has been broadcasting a UTC-UT1 offset
  of +400 ms, although this should be +300 ms per the IERS bulletin.

- The 'time pips' in Deutschlandfunk's signal were early by about
  1.5 seconds.

Any comments (and corrections) on this would be appreciated...

Best regards,
  Pieter-Tjerk (PA3FWM)

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