[time-nuts] Looking for Wavecrest Visi

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Sat Apr 7 02:38:28 EDT 2007

Hello guys,
I am looking for Wavecrest Visi software for my DTS-2075 jitter analyzer.  
Does anyone know where to get it?
BTW: not sure why these units are not so popular on this list, they have  
picosecond cable-length measurement which is fantastic to measure Antenna cable  
delays, <3ps internal jitter, 800femtoseconds hardware resolution, +-25ps  
single shot accuracy, 10ps average accuracy, and a minimum of 800MHz measurement  
bandwidth. The only drawback is their power consumption and noise in my  
I have Visi 1.61 (current version is 6.3 or so), and it doesen't work on my  
Win2K machine with Agilent ISA GPIB card (software runs, but can't recognize 
the  unit)
It used to run ok on a Win98 machine with NI-488 card that I had. Not sure  
if it's the Agilent card, not running NI-488, or Windows2K that is causing the  
Wavecrest makes life very hard by not having downloads of this  software, and 
the unit's themselves are not that usefull without some version of  Visi.
I have two DTS systems, and would even look for a trade of one of them  
against a PC with a fairly late version of Visi and a GPIB card on it.
Thanks for any help in advance!

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