[time-nuts] retry: PRS10 has spurious frequencies

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>Your  picture's input level is 5dBm.
>The SRS spec for PRS10 is 7dBm output.  Were is the difference?

>Did you measure wideband spectrum of the  PRS10 output? Up to 1GHz?

retry: the attachement was too big first time I tried sending this:
Hi Henk,
I measured my PRS-10 tonight on an 8563E, you can see the output is  +6dBm.

There are a bunch of spurs up to 200MHz, nothing noteworthy above that,  I 
checked to 1GHz. See the attachement. Some of these spurs don't look like  they 
are harmonics, but it would take time to investigate all spurs.
Hope this helps you,

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