[time-nuts] LF time signal emulation

Palfreyman, Jim L Jim.Palfreyman at team.telstra.com
Mon Apr 30 03:13:26 EDT 2007


Living in Australia we are generally out of range of the LF time signals
(WWVB, JJY etc). However I recently purchased a multi-band travel clock
off ebay for $30 and found I could get JJY in Tasmania.

Excitedly I purchased a Casio multi band G-Shock wristwatch (which I
really like), but have had little luck in getting it to pick up an LF
time signal.

Since I already have tenth of millisecond accuracy locally in my house
based on a GPSDO, what I would like to do is build my own local LF
transmitter (reception within say 100m) and emulate the time codes of
one of the stations so my watch (and any future similar purchases) lock
on to the local signal each night.

Because I like to stand on the shoulders of giants, has anyone actually
done something like this? My skills are more in software development and
hardware digital logic rather than in LF radio transmitters - so any
help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated.


Jim Palfreyman

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