[time-nuts] LF time signal emulation

Joseph Gray jgray at zianet.com
Mon Apr 30 03:41:59 EDT 2007

I wonder if building a passive loop antenna would suffice? This trick is 
used with AM BCB radios.

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> Folks,
> Living in Australia we are generally out of range of the LF time signals
> (WWVB, JJY etc). However I recently purchased a multi-band travel clock
> off ebay for $30 and found I could get JJY in Tasmania.
> Excitedly I purchased a Casio multi band G-Shock wristwatch (which I
> really like), but have had little luck in getting it to pick up an LF
> time signal.
> Since I already have tenth of millisecond accuracy locally in my house
> based on a GPSDO, what I would like to do is build my own local LF
> transmitter (reception within say 100m) and emulate the time codes of
> one of the stations so my watch (and any future similar purchases) lock
> on to the local signal each night.
> Because I like to stand on the shoulders of giants, has anyone actually
> done something like this? My skills are more in software development and
> hardware digital logic rather than in LF radio transmitters - so any
> help or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated.
> Regards,
> Jim Palfreyman
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