[time-nuts] CPU frequency and NTP crazyness.

Ryan ryanbytes at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 23:08:57 EST 2008

I got a chance to look at the bios today and saw no features that
would change the cpu speed as some type of power save feature. I did
discover that Seti doesn't start processing for a little while after a
restart so I had to switch my imperfect solution to my offset problems
to use Folding at Home.

On 1/4/08, Ryan <ryanbytes at gmail.com> wrote:
> I had an interesting result. I downloaded RMclock and with Seti at Home
> running the CPU was at full load and speed. I stopped Seti and the
> load dropped to almost nothing but the speed stayed the same. After
> about a minute the offset and jitter readings went through the roof.
> My offsets were above half a second! There was no reduction in
> anything CPU related while this happened. When I get access to the
> machine I'll take a look at the bios settings to make sure I have the
> power settings in an optimal configuration.

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