[time-nuts] Rb lamp lifetime...

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Sun Nov 2 05:06:48 EST 2008


as a rule of thumb, read my message posted here last month:


I have 10 EFRATOM LPRO, and only one came with a faulty lamp.
I think it lost vacuum, and the glass looks clear but with
small white pigments. I inspected some of the other lamps,
and the glass looks more or less brownish.
No other tests made on the lamps.

Antonio I8IOV

> Hello,
> Readed list archives and googled a lot, and seen two opposing points of
> view - one is that there is nothing to age in Rb lamp, another is that
> Rb lamp is degrading when in operation (without details, how and why).

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