[time-nuts] Sound Cards for locking to GPSDO 10 MHz references

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Jun 3 15:56:01 EDT 2009

> There is an overbeleif in what software is suitable for IMHO.

[Fun discussion.  Thanks.]

Many years ago, somebody on the FPGA newsgroup pointed out that, in general, 
if you can do the problem in software that's probably the better way.  One of 
the considerations is that it's easier to hire programmers rather than 
hardware designers.

FPGAs are halfway between real hardware and software.  You can try a simple 
change without any harsh time or cost penalty to make new masks and new 
chips.  If that change is a bug fix, you might think of it as typical sloppy 
programmer behavior.  On the other hand, that change may be a new idea you 
want to try...

For many people in this group, fun is probably the most important 
consideration.  Different things will appeal to different people.

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