[time-nuts] TNC connectors

Stan W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Tue Jun 23 11:01:40 EDT 2009

Hello Dave,

I looked for that antenna but could not find it, to understand how to 
mate to it.

Consider using to a coaxial adapter at the antenna, TNC male to BNC female.
Then put a BNC male connector on whatever coax you will be using.

 In an ideal world, a 75 ohm TNC will   NOT   mate a 50 ohm TNC.
May feel like it is screwed in properly but the diameter of the center 
pin is smaller for the 75 ohm version.
So, if you jam in a larger 50 ohm male center pin into a smaller 75 ohm 
female center pin, you will destroy it.

Having said that, most connectors you find will be 50 ohm, just be 
watchful for the odd ball.

I got my chromed pipe for the GPS antenna from a friend.
Actual O.D. is 1.007" and the male thread looks to be a straight thread.

Check the specs on the Panasonic antenna for the mating thread required.

Check out the Home Depot's plumbing section for either galvi pipe or 
white PVC pipe.
The electrical section will have a grey PVC pipe that may be more 
suitable and UV proof.

Stan, W1LE   Cape Cod     FN41sr

David C. Partridge wrote:
> I'm thinking of buying a Panasonic VIC100 timing antenna with a 50 ohm TNC
> connector (I assume) from fluke.l on eBay, as the room I use for my den has
> moved to one without a view to the south, so I can't use the puck antenna
> mounted just outside the window any more.
> The T-Bolt manual recommends 75 ohm coax, so will a 75 ohm TNC mate with a
> 50 ohm TNC without problems?   Though I suppose for a short run of cable, 50
> ohm will be OK?
> PS Where do you get the (1" diameter?) threaded poles these antennas screw
> onto?
> Cheers
> David Partridge
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