[time-nuts] Z3801A Schematic

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The URL where all that information is posted is still on-line.  The URL is http://www.realhamradio.com/GPS_Frequency_Standard.htm

Enjoy the wealth of knowledge that is out there on K8CU's web site.


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Looking  for a schematic of the Z3801?  I'm primarily interested in the power supply section.  Anyone know an on-line source?  I've been  looking with no success.  Tnx!

Hi Paul
There don't seem to have been any "official" schematics issued for the Z3801A but there was a user traced schematic for the PSU posted online some time  ago.
I've just checked the URL and it's no longer valid but I have the files archived, web page, schematics, and component notes, and have zipped them into a  single file of 2.5MB.
If you can confirm your ARRL address is ok for attachments of that size I'll email it to you direct.

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