[time-nuts] Microphonic Inductor?

John Green wpxs472 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 09:34:20 EDT 2010

I assume you are using something like the Coilcraft 0603 LS series which
seem to have ferrite cores. You might want to try a 0805 size part since
that inductance is available in the CS series which are ceramic only. I
don't know if size constraints prohibit using an 0805 but you can try one to
see if the inductor is the problem.If you must use a 0603, you might try
massaging the filter impedance so you can use a 390 nH which is available in
0603 size with a ceramic core. Then, you will either have to put up with a
mismatch or include some impedance matching components. I use the LS series
0603s a lot and they are somewhat temperature sensitive if that could be an
issue. The ceramic cored CS series don't seem to be temperature sensitive.

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