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In the '50s, WW II was not ancient history. We met people who had used
weapons, explosives, and other things in war and knew the risks. The same
is true, but in a much more limited way, after 'Nam.

However, starting in the '60s, society regarded science as evil and it
became political. More recently, science has been warped to support
political agendas.

In a related way, cars, radios, TVs, and computers have "matured" to the
point that even technically competant individuals can no longer modify or
even repair them. (They still don't know if the Toyota failures are
hardware, software, or a mix.)

We are all becomng hostages to the priesthood of so called "experts" in
big government and the big corporations, and we really have little idea
what is fact and what is politically motivated disinformation.




> As a kid in the later 50's we made all sorts of pipe bombs and other
> interesting things. Potassium Nitrate was available as Saltpeter in
> drugstores as was other stuff, like Glycerin and Potassium Permologate.
> Amazing, we had a fun time, and, no one was ever hurt. Today we would be
> deemed as "terrorists". We could even go into a gun store and buy shotgun
> shells to take apart just for the powder. Regards - Mike
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> Yeah. I want fries with my fries. :=))
> As a kid, doing real chemistry and physic was what made school fun. We had
> real labs too! With real glassware and real chemicals.
> I'd have been utterly bored stiff with what they are teaching now.
> -John
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>> "J. Forster" <jfor at quik.com> wrote:
>>> In the name of drug enforcement, Texas is completely stopping anyone
>>> interested in science. I guess I was wrong in thinking Texas was
>>> different
>>> from the nanny states on the coasts.  The US is molding its kids into
>>> good
>>> football fans and Walmart clerks.
>> No argument.
>> BTW, you want fries with that?
>> :-/
>> -ls-

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