[time-nuts] Datum TS-2100 Rubidium

Rob Kimberley rk at timing-consultants.com
Wed Jul 21 11:10:03 EDT 2010

...and according to the post from Greg Dowd (who was on the design team at
Datum), it had a 24V PSU as an add on for the option.

Rob K

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On 07/21/2010 10:11 AM, David C. Partridge wrote:
>> but the LPRO isn't designed (well, according to the spec) for GND != 
>> -VE
> So long as you don't introduce it to real ground (i.e. isolate it), it 
> won't know that the -12V is floating below world ground :-)

Doable, but surely chassi ground of the LPRO is also tied to electrical
ground? Last time I looked around, it sure looked like things where tied to
chassi too.

If so you need to electrically isolate the whole LPRO. The 10 MHz is easy
enough with a transformer. The control signals would not be too hard.

Another solution is to let the -12 V lead also be chassi... which works but
is prone to errors...


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