[time-nuts] HP-3586B Tunable Voltmeter...

Robert Benward rbenward at verizon.net
Sun Jul 25 00:12:17 EDT 2010

You still need to offset the voltmeter if you intend to use it.  I think 
it's somewhere around 1.7dB difference.

I'm not sure I have the time to fix the "B" , but if things change, I'll 
contact you for advice.  I believe I have the manual.


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> Bob,
> For dBm or Volts across 50 Ohms, I normally set it for 10K bridging and 
> use a 50 Ohm terminating connector. 10K terminated by 50 Ohms is close to 
> 49.75 Ohms, which is close enough for anything I need to do.  I suppose if 
> I really needed to get accurate, I'd take a file to a 50 Ohm resistor like 
> we did in the good old days. I've never been sure why the 3586B always 
> seems to be less expensive than the A version other than possibly because 
> of the A being a 50 Ohm instrument.
> I have a pdf service manual for the A,B & C instruments.  Do you need a 
> copy for working on your B?  What kind of problems does your B have?  I've 
> repaired a few and have a little knowledge in repairing them.
> Burt
>>From: "Robert Benward" <rbenward at verizon.net>
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>>I believe the voltmeter is calibrated for 75 ohms, not 50, otherwise they
>>are very similar.  You can apply a dB offset to correct for the 
>>error,  run the input at 10Kohms, and use a 50ohm feedthrough termination.
>>I own both (the B is has problems now), but I use the voltage measurement
>>capability extensively.  The B is much cheaper on Ebay.
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>>   I prefer the 3586-B version.  I think it's more user friendly - once
>>   you get the hang of it, it does more.
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