[time-nuts] RACAL-DANA 1992 Option 04E problems

Dan Rae danrae at verizon.net
Tue Jul 27 11:36:41 EDT 2010

billh40 at aol.com wrote:
>           I own one RACAL-DANA 1992 (Standard- TCXO).  I purchased one with the Option 04E on eBAY.
>           The 04E chassis is sealed and the internal OCXO overheats due to lack of cooling air.  This causes the counter to stop taking measurements.  I had to add ventilation holes on the top and right side of the chassis lid to obtain reliable operation.
>           Both counters work up to 1,750 MHz.
> Bill Hanna
Bill I have had several of these through my hands over the years and the 
outside of the crystal oven does get hot but not exceptionally so.  
Certainly it should /not/ require any extra ventilation.  I would 
suspect that you have a faulty oven heater controller in there and that 
the heater is running at full current all the time.

What frequency does the standard put out?  The frequency and the current 
drawn by the oven should both settle down after about 15 minutes from cold.

Also if you really meant 1,750 MHz on both inputs that's way better than 
it should be, pretty amazing really :^)


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