[time-nuts] What do you use?

Douglas Wire - PUPCo Studios contact at pupcostudios.com
Thu Jul 29 08:43:53 EDT 2010

I am working with an older Motorola M12M here to develop a new system for
specialized industrial application. Simply using it for the dev. work and
such and will finish off project with the new much better SM product and the
plan is to go FPGA for the "thinking." Biggest issue and have never posted
about it is that while the task here is only to essentially end up with what
will need be known freq's in particular bands with NIST type accuracy to
drive the project, the big difficulty is NOT using an oscillator like any of
my ovens. Lots of ways to go, but nothing readily "seems" tight enough to
not make the entire affair a massive hassle to get to accuracy. Simple would
be have a darn time base that has some accuracy - that spoils the cost.
Maybe I should install a metronome??? Yeah not yet found any cheap
alternative that looks suitable to go from.


Guess that was not what you asked either. Old M12M here.

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