[time-nuts] HP 3048A Phase Noise Measurement System Accessories / Options

Adrian rfnuts at arcor.de
Mon Nov 15 20:24:19 EST 2010

>> Hi,
>> recently I added a nice 11848A phase noise interface to the herd.
>> It came with the options K23 (DC Blocking Filter) and K21 (AM Detector
>> Filter), including the complete set of adapters, manuals and matching /
>> calibration networks.
>> If anyone is interested, I'll be happy to scan the manuals. I think
>> these are not yet out on the web.
> I've uploaded my cal, ops, and ref manual scans to http://www.hparchive.com
> (see the Equipment link under '3048A' near the bottom of the page), as well
> as two different editions of the 11848A service manual, but I don't think
> I've seen any schematics for the various option modules.  Would be good to
> add those to the page.

PM sent with the K23 DC blocking filter manual.
I'll scan the K21 AM detector filter, too.

>> Another interesting detail: The 11848A has options 201, 300 and H26. H26
>> appears to denote the opt 201 microwave phase detector with extended
>> frequency range to 26.5 GHz (with male 3.5 connectors on the front
>> panel). I've never seen that option before. I have no idea what 300
>> stands for though.
> Sounds like a nice box.  Did it come with any software?  Since option 301
> was the MS-DOS version, maybe 300 refers to another software option,
> possibly a customer-specific mod to support the 26.5 GHz mixer.

It came in near mint condition with two original accessory boxes 
containing the options and the 'Series 200/300 Rev. A.03.02 (Compiled 
for RMBUX)' software.

>> I would appreciate to hear about any other options and accessories for
>> the 3048A / 11848A that are not covered by the common manuals.
>> Btw. are there any known projects to run the 3048A on HP/Agilent VEE or
>> other nowadays environments?
> Not on VEE, but you can run it under the Transera HTBasic emulator
> (including the free trial version) using this modified version:
> http://www.ke5fx.com/3048A_X01.zip .  (I'm not the author but I can probably
> help you get it running if you have any trouble, since I've used it
> heavily.)
> -- john, KE5FX

Many thanks!

I have a working 3048A with the MS-DOS version, but would be happy to 
run it on a PC that can be connected to my network.
So, the Transera solution sounds like a plan! Thank you very much!

Nevertheless, if anyone has de-embedded the instrument control and 
calibration sequences, that would be great for more experimentation.


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