[time-nuts] Determining Time-Nut infection severity

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 12:34:02 EDT 2010

This reminds us of our mortal existence!

There was some report that concluded that starvation diet extends ones life.
Now we have determine what every morsel does to the length of ones life in

>I believe this form of death determination is now being adopted for
>circumstances where the pump and bellows work but the brain is too
>badly damaged that it is theoretically impossible to recover the
>personality and memories of the person and is called
>information-theoretic death.
>"The exact timing of information-theoretic death is currently unknown.
>It has been speculated to occur gradually after many hours of clinical
>death at room temperature as the brain undergoes autolysis. It can
>also occur more rapidly if there is no blood flow to the brain during
>life support, leading to the decomposition stage of brain death, or
>during the progression of degenerative brain diseases that cause
>extensive loss of brain structure."
>Further evidence to suggest that the exact timing of "real" death is
>not easy to determine in many cases.

Bangalore, India. 

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