[time-nuts] Help with HAMEG HM8123

Alan Melia alan.melia at btinternet.com
Thu Dec 8 06:25:49 EST 2011

Hi Danial I admit I have only downloaded scope manuals but for many of those
the schematics are only at the end of the German language version. They are
usually quite helpful so it might be worth contacting them.


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Maybe i´m blind but at the Hameg site I can only find one PDF with the
manual in 4 different languages together (english, spanish, german and
french) but no schematics...


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Get a manual from the Hameg site
You may find that the English versions do no always contain the circuit
diagrams .....in this case download the German language version which will
have the circuits at the back

Alan G3NYK

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Subject: [time-nuts] Help with HAMEG HM8123

Hi, i?ve got a hameg HM8123 that came without any front panel button
working. Opening it i found that both flat cables from the panel to the
mainboard got loose. I figured where to plug the fist one (because it
could only plug in one connector...  it was a tight fit) but the other
can be plugged in 2 different receptacles at the mainboard. Does someone
have a repair manual or internal photos of one of these?

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