[time-nuts] Help with HAMEG HM8123

K. Szeker szeker.k at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 08:43:54 EST 2011

Hi all,

Hello Dani, sorry, but you cannot find some documentations, with
schematics, over more newer Hameg equipments, in all cases not from Hameg!
:-(  Its practically a illusion & a real problem...

2011/12/8 Daniel Mendes <dmendesf at gmail.com>

> Maybe i´m blind but at the Hameg site I can only find one PDF with the
> manual in 4 different languages together (english, spanish, german and
> french) but no schematics...
> Daniel
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> Get a manual from the Hameg site
> http://www.hameg.com/manuals.**0.html?&no_cache=1&L=1%3E<http://www.hameg.com/manuals.0.html?&no_cache=1&L=1%3E>
> You may find that the English versions do no always contain the circuit
> diagrams .....in this case download the German language version which will
> have the circuits at the back
> Alan G3NYK
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> Subject: [time-nuts] Help with HAMEG HM8123
> Hi, i?ve got a hameg HM8123 that came without any front panel button
> working. Opening it i found that both flat cables from the panel to the
> mainboard got loose. I figured where to plug the fist one (because it
> could only plug in one connector...  it was a tight fit) but the other
> can be plugged in 2 different receptacles at the mainboard. Does someone
> have a repair manual or internal photos of one of these?
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