[time-nuts] OCXO versus GPSDO + XTAL

Greg Broburg semiflex at comcast.net
Thu Mar 17 23:34:46 EDT 2011

My opinion is that first you need to tell more about how you
are going to use this counter. For work in the shop where
a distributed reference is always available then no need
to buy any extra option. Second idea is that if it is most
used in the shop but occasionally in the field then consider
what accuracy you will need in the field. If you have a good
GPSDO shop reference and want to go into the field with
good accuracy, then buy the low cost OCXO and learn how
to do autocal before leaving the shop. Other option is to
build a small field portable Rubidium. Cheap and easy to do.

I am suspicious of the note that this OCXO upgrade can only
be done at the factory.  See if you can get the control sequence
to cause reference autocal.


On 3/17/2011 7:50 PM, Wolfgang wrote:
> On Friday 18 March 2011, Greg Broburg wrote:
>> I have a 53131 and 53181. There were several TB options.
>> I dont have a manual for the 53230A. If you could, see what
>> the option TB assembly PNs are, then go looking for these
>> assemblies. Mine just dropped in and did the autocal right
>> off. I paid 300 to upgrade the 53181. The autocal using a
>> DAC works very well, no more tweaking Rs or Cs and
>> waiting a day for them to restabilize.
> Don't recall where I read this but IIRC:
> There are several other options for the 53230A which can be added lateron
> by the user ("kits") but the OCXO can only be installed lateron by sending
> the device to service.
> Thanks to the list for the answers - but:
> It seems like everybody is telling me "go for the cheaper, add the OCXO
> lateron if you need it" - but that's not what I'm after. What I'd really
> like to do is to make up my mind based on educated opinions on this list
> whether the built-in OXCO option offers any advantage at all compared
> to standard clock + good external reference.
> - Wolfgang, DL1SKY
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