[time-nuts] Low noise power supplies for time nuts circuitry

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Yes, load isolation is a valuable feature I left out. Perhaps the key feature. The audio designers like it for channel separation.  
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The shunt regulator also serves to isolate load current fluctuations 
from the main supply, since it makes it appear as a constant 
resistance, current, or power load, depending on the design. This can 
eliminate cross-talk between various circuitry.

For example, I just made one for my new 5065A LED clock design. It 
makes 4 V for the display, and is able to absorb the nasty 90 mA to 
250 mA local range caused by the LED numeric and scan load, but the 
steps are virtually invisible to the +5 V supply - it looks like 
about a 4 ohm resistive load into about 4 V source.


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