[time-nuts] Clocking a PIC16F628A from a Rubidium Standard

gsteinba52 at aol.com gsteinba52 at aol.com
Sun Nov 27 13:23:19 EST 2011

 N.B. /tvb's adapter is NON-polarized.


Don Latham wrote:Sorry, Brooke-I was not clear. I meant to not connect anything toneutral at all, but rather to depend on the ground connection alreadymade in the equipment for the low side of the signal, rather than a 1meg to neutral at the plug. Sorry.DonBrooke Clarke> Hi Don:>> Not a good idea.  There are a number of fault conditions that can cause> Neutral to be tens of volts above ground.  Tom's> circuit with a Meg in both the Hot and Neutral lines is much safer for> you equipment.>> Have Fun,>> Brooke Clarke> http://www.PRC68.com> http://www.End2PartyGovernment.com/>>> Don Latham wrote:>> well, grudgingly. only need the 1 meg to the hot side of the line, no>> connection to the neutral needed, with 1 meg in there, normal ground>> connections are going to supply the low side...It still lurks...>> Don>>>> Tom Van Baak>>>> Come on, folks. never hook anything directly to the power line. The>>>> source is just too stiff. Use an opto. I used fiber optic isolation>>>> with>>>> my big DC power supply.>>>> Don>>> I used to agree, until actually tried it myself. Now this is how>>> I do my picPET 60 Hz data logging:>>>>>> Simple 60 Hz AC Mains Cycle Detector>>> http://leapsecond.com/pages/ac-detect/>>>>>> /tvb

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