[time-nuts] Neutrino timing

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Mon Oct 24 14:27:32 EDT 2011

> Although we are also talking with professionals at USNO and NIST, I am interested in possible
> suggestions from the "Time Nut" community with respect to the following:
> (a) the possibility of retrospectively improving the existing timing data recorded since 2005 using
> the Truetime XL-AK, and
> (b) a quick, low-cost improvement in the timing instrumentation that can be made right away, 
> pending arrangements for techniques such as Two-Way Satellite synchronization.
> In addition, if there are any "Time Nuts" in the Minnesota area who would like to get more involved in this project,
> please feel free to contact me at marshak at umn.edu
> Thank you very much.
> Marvin Marshak

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for contacting the list about this.

We've discussed the topic somewhat a month ago, as well as a
number of emails off-list with the folks at CERN/LNGS.

NIST should be able to lend you one or two of their calibrated
common view systems. USNO has a traveling TWSTT van and
you can find out when it is next in the midwest. Let me know if
you need contact info for either lab.

How soon would you like to do the synchronization? Our kids
are in school right now but we have a Thanksgiving break soon.
Using the same clocks as http://leapsecond.com/great2005/ I
can calibrate the MINOS path to 2 ns.


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