[time-nuts] Neutrino timing

Javier Herrero jherrero at hvsistemas.es
Tue Oct 25 15:20:19 EDT 2011

El 25/10/2011 21:00, Magnus Danielson escribió:
>> And an imaginary mass would imply and imaginary energy (in the sense of
>> complex number with no real part... :) ) and that would imply also that
>> lower energy neutrinos (in module value) would be faster. Sounds fun :)
> Exactly, remember where you heard it first ;)
Oh, sadly this is not the first place where I've heard a speculation of 
the neutrino being a true tachyon ;) And I like the idea. The neutrino 
is so elusive and tends to interact with the universe in a way that it 
really seems to be from other universe (the tachyonic one). One only 
needs to see the size of complexity of the neutrino detector, that 
otherwise is so blind to only being able to get a handful of all the 
neutrinos that crosses it :)



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