[time-nuts] Lady Heather for a noob

Javier Herrero jherrero at hvsistemas.es
Fri Jan 13 04:22:41 EST 2012

El 13/01/2012 04:57, brent evers escribió:
> Hijacked thread.  Yes - this would be great to see done on a linux
> machine.  I don't know that much about LH, but something done cross
> platform (PyQt or such - could make binaries for win, linux, and mac)
> in a  server/client config would be great.  I don't know much about
> NTP other than pointing machines to NTP servers for time, but having
> the server side provide also be an NTP server would be the cats ass
> for me.  Pretty big wish list for someone who can't write code out of
> a wet paper bag huh?
It would be nice, but if no graphic i/f is used for the server side, I 
think it would be better to implement it in standard C instead of PyQt, 
for portability reasons, so the server could be easily rebuilt for 
running in a non-PC class embedded linux computer (like those using ARM)

For providing ntp, probably the best way is to use ntp :) As far as I 
remember, since I've not played around it since some time, the LinuxPPS 
driver is implemented as a character driver, so several applications can 
read it, and as other has pointed, ntp i/f to the GPS can be implemented 
using shmem. ntp can also be recompiled for running in almost anything 
(I've put it into work both in Nios-II uClinux-MMU and Blackfin 
uClinux-nonMMU, also taking time from an M12 using Linux-PPS)

Best regards,


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