[time-nuts] US Army Frequency Standard

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Tue Jan 24 23:56:45 EST 2012

American Time Products still exists:


ATP has also been closely connected to Buliva, makers of the Accutron.



> Amazing, the things that can be picked out of the noise.
> I have one of these frequency standards, but it belonged to the US
> Dept. of Commerce, during the period 1965 to 1970 when the DoC was
> given the weather bureau, named Environmental Science Services (ESSA).
> It was last calibrated 9-27-72, after ESSA became NOAA.
> The schematic on the cover of the cable box, inside the door, has
> the schematic for "Frequency Standard TS-65C/FMQ-1" The box contains
> two cables, one with a PL-259 and one with a BNC connector.
> The name tag says "Type 2509-2 Ser 140" made by American Time Products
> in New York, licensed under Western Electric patents. ATP made timing
> chart devices for setting the correct rate for a wrist or pocket watch.
> Google has nothing for ATP, but a search for "TS-65C/FMQ-1" has one by
> Newton Time Products, which had negative search results.
> My device works, 60 Hz reads 60.06, which is 0.1%, but the 10 and 20 Hz
> ranges unaccountably have no output. Abe Books has a manual for $5.
> Since I'm cleaning out, this mechanical marvel is yours for the cost
> of shipping 24 pounds in a 12x12x20 box from Minneapolis 55438. It goes
> on the scrap truck Thursday if no one wants old stuff, as usual.
> Bill Hawkins
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