[time-nuts] TimeLab and HP53132A

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Wed Jan 25 15:31:22 EST 2012

> > But it misses every other data point after you start the acquisition?
> No, every second, the data are acquisite because the shape of the ADEV
> on display change due the algoritm. So, I suppose I acquire all the data
> incoming, one per second. The trouble is the X axis avance only one time
> every two seconds.

What's your sample interval?  If you allowed the program to automatically
sense the incoming data rate from the counter, did it have enough time to
settle down before you pressed 'Start Measurement'?  (If you would like to
send a short .tim file to me at john (at) miles.io I'll have a look at it.)

How about the frequency difference view ('f' key)?  Does that advance at one
point per second as expected?   Some confusion may be associated with the
ADEV graph's X-axis itself -- it is not a measure of elapsed time, and the
graph does not normally advance with each incoming data point.   

-- john

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