[time-nuts] RFX GPSDO - Anybody played with one of these?

Javier Herrero jherrero at hvsistemas.es
Mon Oct 1 05:45:00 EDT 2012

El 01/10/2012 11:22, Hal Murray escribió:
> tjv at westwood-tech.com said:
>> information appeared to be non-existent.  IMHO for pretty much *everything*
>> that is for sale, if you have to ask for the price it is a scam.
> Yes, when it says "call for pricing", I usually drop interest.  But I
> wouldn't say "scam".  How about "not targeted at my corner of the market"?
> I can think of several reasons for not publishing a price.
> 1) The product doesn't really exist yet.  They have done the research but
> haven't finished up and handed off to manufacturing.  They are looking for
> initial customers so they can tune things to fit what customers really need
> (and are willing to pay for).  You want the tall skinny version?  Fine, we'll
> make that first.  How tall?
> 2) The product is tricky to use.  They want to make sure it will work well in
> your application.
> 3) The product has lots of interacting options/parameters.  They only stock a
> few combinations.  If you want to buy more than a handful, you can get a
> better price by picking the right options.
4) The price varies a lot as a function of the quantity. They prefer to 
quote you as a function of the volume you request, and don't want you to 
be dissappointed it they publish a 1000+ price and you only want 10, or 
to make you think that it is too expensive if you want 10000 but you 
think that the price, based on single quantites, is too expensive

5) International marketing policies. They want, for example, their US 
distributor to quote you, and will not provide you a direct factory pricing.

In fact, I think that the usual thing is not to publish a price if they 
are not selling it directly to you. We don't publish prices of our 
products, and they are not a scam, not outrangeously expensive, they 
exists, they are not (very) tricky to use, and has not so many 
options... mainly the reasons are 4 and 5 :)



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