[time-nuts] ThunderBolt Display

Adam Maurer misc at vklogger.com
Wed Oct 3 07:15:37 EDT 2012

Hi all

Another production run – the last - of the “ThunderBolt Display” is being done.

Thought I would give it quick mention here, in case any ThunderBolt owners were interested, as some TimeNuts subscribers obtained a display last in the first production run.

For details, pictures, video and information see:

If you are looking for a display to monitor your ThunderBolt, without the need for a laptop, this is it!

In the last post in that topic I link to above, you will find the Order Form doc.
Should you wish to purchase a display, simply download that, and follow the instructions.
Outside of Australia, I accept PayPal.

You will also find a downloadable pdf User Guide if you want to know more about what this display does.

A lot of people who wasted their money on the cheap and nasty $30 Chinese eBay display are now extremely satisfied with one of these.

PCBs are being ordered THIS Friday night, so the deadline to order a completed ThunderBolt Display unit is Friday – in 2 days time.
I don’t normally monitor this email list, so any enquiries should be made on the forum, or direct to me via the email address found in the topic.

Adam, VK4GHZ

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