[time-nuts] 57600 baud rate with Basic???

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed Oct 10 11:39:25 EDT 2012

Hi Corby,

Do consider John's TimeLab program: Windows, free, easy to use, wonderful live plots, phase, frequency, ADEV, etc. You will be amazed. Download from http://www.ke5fx.com/timelab/readme.htm

It supports the SR620 directly as well as a number of other popular counters. For unusual instruments, there's a tab called "acquire from counter in talk-only mode" which can be used to capture serial phase or frequency data (at any baud rate). I use this feature myself; I suspect it would work for you as well.

Not only would it solve your BASIC baud rate problem but it would also give you real-time logging and plotting capability.


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> Hi,
> I'm currently using a GWBasic program at 9600 Baud to get 1 second T.I.
> data (12 digits) from an SR620 counter, display the reading , put the
> reading into a file, name the file sequentialy, and either save or delete
> the file via a function key.
> I'm switching to a new counter that outputs at 57600 Baud (9 digits).
> Is there a version of Basic I can use that would support that 57600 Baud
> rate?
> Thanks,
> Corby

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