[time-nuts] HP8720C manuals?

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 17 15:35:28 EDT 2012

I just found an old 8720C at work, and I was thinking of pressing it 
into service to do some experiments with measuring changes in receiver 
filters and antenna match over temperature.  (Since I don't have to pay 
rental on it, it can just sit in the corner with the temp chamber and I 
can slap those GPS and S-band filters in there and fool with it, sort of 
in the background.  ANswer all those questions about "just how much 
timing uncertainty is due to the filters" with some empirical data)

I'm not looking for a big project, and I don't know how hard or easy it 
is to pull data out of the beast via GPIB. The problem is that I don't 
have the programming manual, and Agilent doesn't have it on their site. 
Nor is it on BAMA, etc.

I'm sure someone here at JPL has a copy, but being somewhat lazy, I 
thought I'd probe the timenut hivemind.

I do have all the docs for an 8510 I had in the lab until last year (the 
owner project asked for it back) so if you happen to know that the 8510 
and 8720 work pretty much the same, that helps..

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