[time-nuts] RG 6 U couplings

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Dec 6 01:58:27 EST 2015


Extending the RG-6U using N-connectors should not be giving you more
than 0.20 dB, probably less. Considering that you have have 6.12 dB per
100 feet in RG-6U at 1 GHz (should be about 8 dB @ 1.575 GHz), so it
will be more. Using N-connectors to extend the cable-stretch isn't going
to be a major issue, it may be the cable length that could present an issue.

From: Bert Kehren via time-nuts

Thank you all for the information, worse case I look at 70 feet with two
couplings all in an inaccessible attic. The cable is quality but vintage
1989.  Part of an extensive cable TV wiring. So far nine with two I am not 
to  locate the other end.The way they are installed I am not able yet to use
one of  them to pull a new one in.
Twenty years ago I probably would have risked crawling in there. Don't want
to fall 16 feet at age 73.
Bert Kehren Palm City .


RG-6U is 75-ohm cable and uses type F connectors (horrible!).  Any F-N 
adapters and the impedance mismatch would surely introduce more loss than a 
simple Female-Female F connector.


If the cable is that old, 1989, I would consider replacing it with a more 
recently purchased cable, which will not have deteriorated, and may have 
lower loss.  I appreciate that may not be possible in your case.

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