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Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Jul 25 19:07:55 EDT 2015

lester at veenstras.com said:
> Once apron a time, somewhere in this neighborhood, someone, or possibly more
> than one, presented documentation of the phase/frequency stability of the
> local (I think SOCAL) power grid.  AS I recall it was able to discern phase
> changes caused by local substations changing transformer taps.. 

I don't remember anything  detailed enough to see changing transformer taps.

I have samples every 10 seconds from Silicon Valley.  That's good for 
watching the time on a line powered mechanical clock wander around.

Here is an interesting sample:

The step in the offset is an extra cycle somewhere in that 10 second period.

I've assumed the steps in the frequency are some big generator or load 
switching on or off.

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