[time-nuts] Using the HP 58503a to correct your PC clock

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Aug 3 03:28:31 EDT 2016

This has probably been covered in the past, but is there a way correct or 
control a PC (Windows 7) clock with the HP 58503A GPS receiver? I just 
bought one (on the way now) and have a copy of satstats50 on hand. I've been 
using Dimension 4 and I'm surprised at the size of correction every couple 
minutes to my PC clock.  I'd be happy if my PC clock were accurate to 
plus/minus 100ms.


Have you tried NTP?


You may also be able to use the PPS output from your HP 58503a in 
conjunction with a serial NMEA feed to sync your PC to much better than 10 
ms, but NTP alone should be good enough for  100 ms if you have a 
half-decent Internet connection.  The only times we've seen issues have been 
when the PC's motherboard clock is broken (drift more than 43 seconds/day in 
NTP terms).

Some notes on using PPS with Windows may be gleaned here.  Although the 
device mentioned is no longer available, the general principles will apply.


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