[time-nuts] How to get PPS from ublox mini-PCI GPS to APU2 SoC serial port for ntpd

STR . strykar at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 3 12:58:27 EDT 2016

Hello again list and Paul,

The USB and Mini-PCIe converters I ordered from Ebay China have not shown up
It appears PC Engines may take a while to release the custom BIOS that
exposes UART3 and 4 on the APU2  :/

In the interest of getting this working without waiting on a BIOS I will try
connecting it to COM1, which is wired to the DB9 connector.

Before I fry a 3.3V board with 5V signals, I hoped to ask here and confirm
my ideas.

Do I cross RX and TX lines from the GPS pins to the RX/TX on the DB9/COM1
And straight connect the PPS line from the GPS to the DCD pin on the
DB9/COM1 connector?



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